Rassam Faraand Novin Company

(Private Joint Stock Company) was established in 1397 with the aim of providing services to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. The main activity of this company is the production of pressure vessels for storage, transportation and distribution of liquefied gas and various pressure products. Rassam Faraand Novin, relying on the experience gained from the efforts in the field of liquefied gas industry and the scientific ability and technical knowledge of the young and experienced forces of this company, has taken a step towards achieving organizational excellence at every moment and producing safe and diverse products according to customers’ needs. With modern world standards, it strives to ensure social welfare and development of the country.

Company activities

1- Design and construction of fixed and mobile pressure vessels with use for special products including: liquefied petroleum gas, propylene, propane, butane, pentane and ammonia 2- Design, installation and commissioning of storage facilities for various petroleum products, Chemical and petrochemical under pressure including: liquefied petroleum gas, propylene, propane, butane, pentane and ammonia 3- Design and manufacture of cryogenic fixed and mobile pressurized tanks for industrial gases including: oxygen, nitrogen, argon and CO2


Our products are manufactured according to valid international standards at the highest quality level and under the supervision of reputable technical inspection companies.


Rassam Faraand Novin Co. Designer and manufacturer of fixed and transport tanks for liquefied petroleum gas, propylene, ammonia and other pressurized products


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